Ever since ancient times, the green lands surrounding Treviso have proven to be particularly suited to quality winemaking: protected by the Alps from cold northerly winds, warmed by the soft breezes of the Adriatic sea, and most of all characterized as they are by the favorable composition of the ground coupled with the knowhow of generations of winemakers who have devoted all their skill, study and commitment to the field. If one considers that the most remote traces of the wine civilization in this territory date back to a time before the Roman colonization, it is clear how deeply rooted the enological culture is in the area, ensuring the production of prestigious wines for which the expression “autochthonous” bears its most authentic meaning.

It is in such a distinctive context, featuring abbeys, ancient rural villages and rolling hills, that vines have found their ideal habitat, producing intensely aromatic grapes. The heart of this region is Conegliano, once called the pearl of Veneto, and which still today maintains its unparalleled charm. Crossed by the river Monticano, caressed by the breezes of the Adriatic sea, Conegliano epitomises a picturesque landscape imbued with an evocative charm interwoven with historic memories, strong traditions, art and culture.

Conegliano is where the first Italian School of Vine-Growing and Enology was established in 1877, one of the first of its kind in the world, which has disseminated a modern wine-making culture allowing the renewal of vineyards and fostering the production of the high quality wines that have gained worldwide recognition.

The rich and prestigious winegrowing and winemaking heritage of the region can exploit its full potential thanks to a tradition stretching back centuries, as well as to the training provided by the Enological School and by the University Faculty of Winemaking in Conegliano, not to mention the extensive presence across the territory of highly specialized technicians and the consolidated professionalism of trade operators: in many cases, wines produced here are on the par with the best productions worldwide, often standing out for their excellence at international wine competitions.

Contarini Vini e Spumanti selects its best production, presenting the world with wines that reflect the history, typicalities and culture of the territory, while at the same time meeting the demand of modern consumers for products representing a truly authoritative expression of the lands where they originate and with the emotional appeal of great wines.

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